Can you help yourself through stressful situations with nutrition?

SO YOU THINK that your stress is only due to outward circumstances, such as a stressful job, a busy lifestyle, the crying and screaming children you come home to, OR a recent fight with your partner? That as time goes, you'll get used to it, or it will pass? Well, THINK AGAIN. As much as [...]


Day 16 – TIU love your body series

🎀Good evening ladies!🎀 Quick recap of the day: Nutrition: 👉M1: three mini Berry muffins 🎀 👉M2: ONO with almond butter (instead of the peanut butter the plan suggested) 🎀 👉M3: 🥕 and 🍍 salad which was 😍, I'll share the recipe one day, golabki(cabbage stuffed with meat, à la polonaise - I went to my [...]