Reflection Sunday: The Subjective Reality

A little bit of philosophy, a little bit of recap, a little bit of goal setting, a little bit of introspective poetry


Day 10-11: TIU love your body series

πŸŽ€Good evening!πŸŽ€ πŸŽ€As promised, I logged my day 10 with my day 11. Here it goes: Day 10: Nutrition: πŸŽ€M1: whole wheat avocado toast, and two whole eggs hard boiled πŸŽ€M2: natural greek yoghurt, cocoa nibs and blueberries. (Obsessing over this lately) πŸŽ€M3: left over of mixed vegetable stir fry + 4oz chicken πŸŽ€M4: carrots … Continue reading Day 10-11: TIU love your body series

Reflection Sunday: The Awareness of Being

πŸŽ€ Hey girls! πŸŽ€ I want to be very transparent and honest. I barely ever take my Sundays to reflect on the past week, or on the weeks ahead. I barely ever take the time for goal setting or preparations of any sort. Because that is the hard part, right? The 'taking time' for these … Continue reading Reflection Sunday: The Awareness of Being

Day 6 – TIU love your body series

πŸŽ€ Hey girls πŸŽ€ Today was a peculiar day. I have not been getting enough sleep because my mind keeps racing back and forth, and so far the Lexapro hasn't kicked in yet. (I've been on 25mg for four days, and tomorrow I am starting 50mg) πŸ’ͺ Anxiety is not a fun opponent. Due to … Continue reading Day 6 – TIU love your body series

When the Past Hurts

πŸŽ€Good evening girls!πŸŽ€ As I mentioned on Instagram for those of you following me there (πŸ‘‰@tiu_missbow), tonight I am writing a post on mental health. This is not intended to be a "scientific" or "factual" mental health post (as I am in no way certified to know all the psychological and psychiatric truths present out … Continue reading When the Past Hurts

Day 4 – TIU love your body series

Hey there! Unlike yesterday, I wasn't able to go to bed at 1 am and wake up early to do a work out at 6am. I was exhausted! It also turned out to be a SNOW DAY for my five year old daughter here in Montreal, Canada. So slime time it was after my work … Continue reading Day 4 – TIU love your body series