DAY 17 -TIU love your body series

🎀Good evening girls!🎀

🎀As usual, here is a recap of my nutrition and fitness/workouts today:


🎀M1: Berry smoothie bowl

🎀M2: Berry Blend, Blue Menu Chewy Bars

👉I don’t think it will be something I buy again – it TASTED good – but when I look at the list of ingredients (which I did not do when I bought them) there are some I don’t understand. SO not fully wholesome foods. Not really down.

🎀M3: K&K Kale salad with 4oz of meal prepped chicken

🎀M4: Avocado Lemon Chia Seed Pudding

🎀M5: Smoothie


🎀I did the Total Body Beach Babe work out today. It was the work out on the studio tone it up app today.

👉I did not do it by following a class – so no chat room for me today! (I love those, so when I can’t make it on time to chat, I feel like it reduces the FUN of the classes).

🎀So far I have not met my goal of waking up at 6 AM (east) for these workouts. My daughter keeps coming into my bed in the middle of the night, and then I sleep poorly – so I don’t wake up and try to catch up on sleep. #momproblems

🎀Work out time: 31 minutes

🎀Daily Moves: Not necessary after that work out. (imo)

🎀Water Intake: 8!

That’s that for today girls,


🎀Miss Bow🎀


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