Day 14 – TIU love your body series


πŸŽ€It’s either the end of a week or the beginning of a new one. I don’t know which perspective I prefer.

πŸŽ€But ANYHOW, here is a recap of my daily nutrition and fitness journey with the #tiuloveyourbody series.


πŸŽ€M1: Smoothie

πŸ‘‰ One cup of almond milk

πŸ‘‰one tbsp almond butter

πŸ‘‰half a banana

πŸ‘‰ one scoop cafΓ© LattΓ© Tone it up protein

πŸ‘‰rest of unifinished daily made coffee (I thought I was a genius when I did this) and that’s it!

πŸ‘‰ Mix it all up. Enjoy! ❀️

πŸŽ€M2: the same thing 🀫

πŸŽ€M3: left over vegetables salad

It is not burnt. That’s the honey β˜οΈπŸ˜‚

πŸ‘‰ I put in a handful of romaine lettuce

πŸ‘‰a handful of pre-cut (meal prepped) red cabbage

πŸ‘‰ topped with a vinaigrette: home-made mix of olive oil, agave syrup, and red wine vinegar

πŸ‘‰4oz of chicken (which was previously marinating in olive oil, tamari, salt, pepper, paprika and honey)

πŸŽ€M4: three Berry mini muffins from the TIU plan

Step 1: before oven
Step 2: after oven

πŸ‘‰ part of the nutrition plans meal prep for the week! I can’t wait to show you the results of the other goodies!

πŸŽ€M5: chicken + vegetables


Studio tone it up: Full Body day

πŸ‘‰ It was honestly a killer 26 minute work out. Stefanie killed us with all those moves and how quickly they went.


Daily moves: Full Body

πŸ‘‰I opted NOT to do them today. I was sweating so much after the first workout sets that it would’ve been too much. It’s Sunday after all, time to relax and feel good. (Btw, I woke up at 10:30 🀫).

πŸ‘‰ I also forgot to mention that since this week the daily moves went from 12 reps to 15 reps. I’m assuming that was done on purpose by TIU since they were entering their third week.

πŸŽ€ Reminder: I just finished my second week. I am feeling slow progress!

πŸŽ€That’s it for day 14 lovelies!

πŸŽ€Can’t wait to see you all crushing it this week!

With love,

πŸŽ€Miss BowπŸŽ€

Coming up soon:

  • TIU recipe reviews
  • Reviews of nutrition products bought at home sense
  • Pretty and pretty useful tone it up templates to use for meal prepping
  • NEW SURPRISE to be announced shortly to my friends and followers!
  • Daily #tiuprogress diary
  • Sunday Reflections
  • Wednesday Research


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