Day 8 – TIU love your body series

πŸŽ€ Good evening girls! πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€I woke up this morning and got my daughter ready for school. I love these family mornings. Having a kid really makes the world go around in a way that is fullfiling. I LOVE our morning routines.

I then crushed my work out, and a monday meditation session with @karenadawn. I loved the message for the week. Focusing on community, such as friendships or family. (whatever community means to you).

So my intentions for the week are going to be:

  • focus on building deeper and more meaningful friendships or relationships.
  • I am going to spend time with both my grandmothers
    • I am bringing one of them to a desert place on Tuesday, where they make crumbling chocolate cakes. It’s so awesome, I’ll post a video in tomorrows daily blog post.
    • I am going to go spend time with the other who just lost her sister two weeks ago, and go over the memories she wants to go over and share with me
  • Call my father before he leaves on his trip to the Bahamas (lucky!)
  • Let people I care about know that I love them
  • Help my little brother (JT) – who just got knee surgery, and who is stuck in bed all the time – when he needs the help.


πŸŽ€ I crushed the studio tone it up work out at 8 AM.

πŸŽ€Followed by the meditation for the monday:
πŸŽ€ No daily moves.


Morning META-D (without added juice OR cayenne) and two coffees with one scoop each of Collagen Creamer by @360nutrition .

πŸŽ€M1: Smoothie: almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, half a banana and Vanilla Tone It Up protein powder

πŸŽ€M2: πŸš©πŸš©none🚩🚩

πŸŽ€M3: chicken wrap, with tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, corn and salsa

πŸŽ€M4: carrots with hummus

πŸŽ€M5: spinach salad, topped with shaved carrots, red cabbage and roasted pine nuts with 4oz chicken

πŸ‘‰I REALISE I have not been keeping track of my water intake. I will do that from now on in my daily diary reviews.

The plan says to drink around 8 glasses of water a day.

Water: 🚩5 glasses 🚩

That’s it! So it turns out all this is not as easy as expected. Keep in mind that today I had my OWN healthy recipes because I’m finishing off the food from last week.

Have a good evening! With love,

πŸŽ€ Miss Bow πŸŽ€

Coming up soon:

  • #fitfabfun products and a review of the products from the winter box
  • TIU recipe reviews
  • Reviews of nutrition products bought at home sense last week
  • Pretty and pretty useful tone it up templates to use for meal prepping
  • NEW SURPRISE to be announced shortly to my friends and followers!
  • Daily #tiuprogress diary
  • Sunday Reflections
  • Wednesday Research (theme: surprise to be revealed tomorrow!)

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