Reflection Sunday: The Awareness of Being

πŸŽ€ Hey girls! πŸŽ€

I want to be very transparent and honest. I barely ever take my Sundays to reflect on the past week, or on the weeks ahead. I barely ever take the time for goal setting or preparations of any sort.

Because that is the hard part, right? The ‘taking time’ for these things. That ‘awareness of being‘.

Cappuccino for my thoughts

πŸŽ€ So I have decided that I will be taking time for myself to reflect every Sunday.πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€ Here are five reflections I have about the past week following the TIU love your body series.

  1. I am spending a lot more time REFLECTING on my health (mental and physical), my nutrition, my family, my home and my fitness.
  2. I am ACTIVELY trying to get all my planned activities done even if I want to stay in bed and mope or stay in bed and sleep in.
    1. (That is really hard to do for me since I have been going through depression – and I am now slowly getting out of it – so it’s a big change!)
  3. Those two points, make me feel more CONFIDENT in my abilities, in my self, and they make me feel STRONGER because I am the only one that is in control of my life.
  4. I am HAPPY to be taking care of my home, and my family, and I have ENERGY to do EXTRA for them – which somehow correlates with me doing extra for myself as well.
  5. Authenticity – that is something I have always struggled with.
    1. I have figured out in the past two years that I am AFRAID of being who I AM, and presenting myself as such.
    2. I am afraid of showing people the real me because of a fear that developed in my childhood: that I am not worthy of love, that I am too stupid, that what I have to say or what I think does not matter. 
    3. Basically, negative self talk, that haunts me and makes me try to appear perfect, and which ultimately ends up being disappointing.
    4. Maybe that sounds a BIT intense, OK granted – HOWEVER, it’s the truth. One day perhaps I will have the courage to write about my reflections on that and share them with you guys.

πŸŽ€ As for next week, I want to:

  • Continue on this path of self-awareness.
  • Get better at managing my time.
  • Wake up at regular hours.
  • Keep up with this healthy lifestyle
  • Make real connections in this fitness and health community!

πŸŽ€ That being said, I will follow up with a daily post about my TIU day 7 work out and nutrition tonight.  So stay tuned!

πŸŽ€Have a great day ladies and gentlemen!!πŸŽ€

N.B. You can always let me know in the comments what you think, what you would like to hear about me and my journeys, any suggestions you have to help my journey, or anything!


πŸŽ€ Miss Bow πŸŽ€


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