Day 6 – TIU love your body series

πŸŽ€ Hey girls πŸŽ€

Today was a peculiar day.

I have not been getting enough sleep because my mind keeps racing back and forth, and so far the Lexapro hasn’t kicked in yet. (I’ve been on 25mg for four days, and tomorrow I am starting 50mg) πŸ’ͺ

Anxiety is not a fun opponent.

Due to the lack of sleep, my day was completely off. By the time I got to my work out (which I will remind you, is supposed to be at 8 AM) it was lunch time!

I am the kind of person that gets very frustrated when I can’t follow a pre-set schedule. To the point where I would rather do nothing with my day if it has been shook up, rather than regularly going on.

Perhaps those are the side effects of OCD and anxiety πŸ˜‚. Regardless, I am aware that it is a terrible mindset!

I need to work on that.

Which is WHY I pushed myself to do the TIU studio tone it up work out of the day AND the daily moves (trust me, it was tedious). Then I worked on this blog for the rest of the afternoon – just tweaking it up here and there.

I pushed through it, and I am proud!

Work Out:

πŸŽ€ Studio tone it up work out: Sandy core (16 mins)

πŸ‘‰ ABS. Actually VERY difficult. I think that was the general consensus among the girls doing it with me as well. None of us were expecting that!

Some moves in here were killer.

πŸŽ€ The daily moves

πŸ‘‰ Pretty much similar to the studio tone it up work out. The plan DOES say do EITHER one OR the other. So it makes sense that they are very similar. But what’s the point of doing both then? (I know a lot of us do both, but it becomes a bit discouraging when you’re repeating the same moves in what is supposed to be an extra work out, IMO).

I also forgot to mention that I completely skipped the FOURTH one every time because I am not able to do that kind of push up at all. It is, truthfully, somewhat comedic when I try and fall on my face almost every time. #notforme haha


Meta D + Coffee with collagen creamer by @360nutrition

πŸŽ€ M1: Smoothie (almond milk, banana, peaches, strawberries, pineapple, and #toneitupvanillaprotein . IT WAS SO GOOD. (I can’t say enough how obsessed I am with their protein powder: 15g of protein per serving, non GMO, vegan, delicious)

πŸŽ€M2: Half an avocado

πŸŽ€ M3: Left over cut up cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, quinoa, onion, spinach mixed up on the pan with sesame oil and tamari. (similar to the tone it up nutrition plan kale quinoa ‘fried’ rice)

πŸŽ€ M4: 4 Mediterranean mini egg muffins

πŸŽ€ M5: 4 Falafels, hummus and sesame sauce, corn salad, baba ganouj, cucumber salad, mushroom salad and 4 pieces of white pita bread. (not so happy about that, but it is what it is!)

There you go, my guilty pleasure: but keeping it healthy as much as possible!

THAT’S ALL. AND NOW I am going to cozy up on the couch, and watch a movie! ANY SUGGESTIONS? I love scary movies…or historical dramas.

Sweet dreams loves,

πŸŽ€ Miss Bow πŸŽ€

Coming up soon:

  • #fitfabfunΒ products and a review of the products from theΒ winter box
  • TIU recipe reviews
  • ReviewsΒ of nutrition products bought at homesense
  • SurprisesΒ for my friends and followers!
  • DailyΒ #tiuprogress diary

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