Day 2 of the TIU love your body series

Side note: I am starting as of the week 2, based on the program BUT it is in actuality my first week.

Ah! The second day of a fitness challenge…You must be thinking “this girl is not serious”. NO I AM serious! This time I am committed, I have some free time and I truly CARE about being healthy, eating healthy and feeling healthy and fit. (I have sporadically followed and unfollowed the tone it up program for three years. This year, I am going all out)

On another post, I will discuss my goals for this particular journey. So follow if you’re interested!


My day started off normally. I had to walk my daughter to school HOWEVER because I went to bed extremely late last night, I was tired. 🙄Hence, my wonderful boyfriend walked my daughter to school. (Shout out to #tiuboyfriends – because we all know if we’re in this, they are in this with us haha 😜)

I woke up, cleaned her room, and went back to bed. Then, at 10:30 am I woke up again and had my breakfast. Here is what my M1 consisted of:

These are the mediterranean egg muffins from the #tiunutritionplan , with half a banana and 1/4 of an 🥑, add: a coffee with almond milk and a meta-D drink

I can make a section for specific #tiurecipe reviews. If you guys want that, let me know!

I then completed the TIU studio tone it up class of the day and the daily moves. It lasted 40 minutes. It was a great ab work out and I am extremely satisfied about both the daily moves and the studio class. I love love love the butterfly crunch. Is that what it’s called? It really makes you work that core!

Here is me: weight – 150lbs. Goal: 130 lbs.

My M2, which I did not post on Instagram consisted of yoghurt, cocoa nibs and BLUEBERRIES.

I modified the TIU recipe from strawberries to blueberries, because I had no strawberries. It was delicious! Love having all natural Greek yoghurt and biting into tasty 70% chocolate bits. It gives it that extra sweetness that it needs!


I took a nice long bath with some awesome products from the #fabfitfun winter 2019 box. I am in love with the products they send and the causes they support! I will write a post about the winter box I received shortly.

Next, my M3 was the quinoa and spinach fried “rice”. There is no other word for it but delicious. I wrote about it on my Instagram account, so if you’re following me there you can read all about what I think of it.

M3: Add some chicken and spicy avocado oil for a delicious meal.

M4: hummus, carrots and celery on the go while I was bringing my daughter to her piano class. (No picture)

M5: Cauliflower chimichurri “steak” and chicken. I found that the chimichurri for the recipe used too much red wine vinegar. Next time, I will put less. Great idea though! (No picture)

Also I cheated, and I had a non TIU approved desert 🤫: kozyshak rice pudding. A small portion nevertheless, I couldn’t resist.


Work out feels:Overall, I feel yesterday’s work outand today’s work out. It feels good to be aware of the different parts of your body that you don’t feel when you don’t work out.

Nutrition: I followed the nutrition plan to the dot, except for the rice pudding desert.

Mental health: I have been productive around the house for a straight two days! Woohoo!

I don’t feel happy about all the things I did not get to accomplish today, due to waking up late and there not being enough time for them, but I will put it on my list of things to do tomorrow. *Go to bed earlier today*. I’m glad I am slowly getting getting rid of my depression and working on my anxiety as well.

(I’ll write another post on my mental health journey, so that when I write things like that you know where I’m coming from. All in due time!)

AAAAND that wraps it up for day 2! Thank you for reading and being interested in my fitness (and other) journey(s). ❤️

Stay tuned for these future posts:

  • #fitfabfun products and a review of the products from the winter box
  • My mental health journey
  • Goals for the TIU love your body journey
  • TIU recipe reviews

Lots of love!

🎀 Miss Bow 🎀


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